round square venture capital

RoundSquare Ventures specializes in attracting those big thinkers who are poised to change the world. We believe these groundbreakers should never be held back by a lack of funding. Rather, they should be supported and encouraged to continue with creating innovative solutions for a better world.

We believe our greatest natural resources for solving the world’s most complex problems are entrepreneurs who are out-of-the-box thinkers. We call them “round squares.” They are the ones crazy enough to think they can change the world with their mind-stretching ideas, and we are crazy enough to believe in them.



With the help of our referral services, contests and feedback from our other portfolio companies, we seek out these hidden gems and give them the opportunity to transform their business ideas into reality. We attract those well-established, pioneering companies that are ready to venture out to unfamiliar territory or take their businesses to the next level.

These industry trailblazers are the ones who are sure to make a difference as they force others to question the status quo. They are the true movers and shakers. The trendsetters. The ones who do not shrink in fear at being labeled “a round peg that does not fit in a square hole.” Rather, they embrace the label with full energy, purpose and duty.
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We partner with cause driven entrepreneurs
that uniquely envision a better world.

sustainable growth

Our vision at RoundSquare Ventures is and always will be to grow sustainable, cash-flowing companies that are certain to leave an everlasting mark on the world. We do this by investing up to $1,000,000 in innovative, early-stage, large minority ownership companies with a proven track record of formulating and executing value-added solutions in a unique way.

Round Square Venture Capital

With the help of our capital investment, our deep and well-established relationships within every industry and our many years of experience with helping companies grow dramatically, we offer more than just money to these trailblazers – we offer a proven history of growing multiple companies in dramatic ways. Together, we can accelerate your success.